Quality Critters for Pleasure & Show


      These are our boys!!! We are very proud of our frenchy studs. They have some of the best conformation around! We don't have to lie or exaggerate about our boys' size or progeny. Our boys and the babies they produce will speak for themselves!! Go ahead and ask some of the other 'breeders' to prove their boy's size, weight, and stature... just see the results. At REO Ranch there's No guesswork... no rumors... just fact!


(dd coco aya Em/Em kyky L1/L4)- Lilac Fluffy that carries recessive black. NO CREAM! 

*no brindle

*no pied

*24 pounds

* 4 panel clear

     This stunning boy is home grown and we could not be more proud! He has the best personality and is always happy to see you. Not an aggressive bone in his lil body! This is his first breeding season and we just can't wait to see what he produces! 

Current introductory rate $4500.00*                    *(semen and collection only. Additional fee of $250.00 for shipping and shipping box)

live 2 puppy guarantee


Past Boys

We don't own these lil guys anymore but still use them.

JEDI (Lilac & Tan LHC)

Currently owned by Lisa Wallace

     *(dd co/co at/a Em/e L/n)                               Lilac and tan. Carries long hair, cream, and         maskless! 

     * NO Brindle and NO pied!                                                                                       * 4 Panel DNA Disease Clear & C3 NEG!


SUPERSTITION-Blue recessive black carries cream

currently owned by Lisa Wallace

(dd aa Em/e LL) Blue Recessive black Fluffy

5 panel clear & C3 neg.