Quality Critters for Pleasure & Show


      These are our boys!!! We are very proud of our frenchy studs. They have some of the best conformation around! We don't have to lie or exaggerate about our boys' size or progeny. Our boys and the babies they produce will speak for themselves!! Go ahead and ask some of the other 'breeders' to prove their boy's size, weight, and stature... just see the results. At REO Ranch there's No guesswork... no rumors... just fact!

JEDI (Lilac & Tan LHC)

     *(dd co/co at/a Em/e L/n)                               Lilac and tan. Carries long hair, cream, and         maskless! 

     * NO Brindle and NO pied!                                                                                      *10.5" Tall and 19/20 Pounds

     * 4 Panel DNA Disease Clear & C3 NEG!

   We feel so very blessed to have been able to add this beautiful and SMALL boy to our program. Not only is he a lilac and tan BUT he also carries long hair, maskless, and cream! He is amazingly small and compact. Excellent conformation and such a sweet sweet personality. You'll be hard presses to find a nicer and smaller stud anywhere! He is consistently producing quality!!!!


GUS- (Lilac Fawn LHC) -SOLD

     * dd co/co ay/at Em/Em L/n                          * Lilac Fawn carries tan points and long hair        * 4 panel DNA disease clear                          * 11.5" Tall and 24 Pounds

Just LOOK at how magnificent this boy is! Next to perfect conformation and one of the best nose sets we have ever seen on a lilac stud!