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I'm not very good at keeping our testimonial page up to date, and lets face it. Testimonials and references can be faked! . The best way to get a feel for our ranch is to just talk to our clients. Check out our FaceBook page and feel free to ask!!  Click HERE 

    Read what just some of our new owners have to say about their experience with Reo Ranch and our critters....                                                   

( I'm just putting this page together so please bear with us as more testimonials trickle in. Thanks!)

~ This is Petunia. She moved down to southern California to be with her new family.

"I don't know what else to say about Petunia and the process but Thank you for everything I think you guys are great... "

  "Reo Ranch made my first pig experience an easy and fun transition from owning "normal" pets, aka dogs and cats to my new love.  My Petunia pig was very well cared for and loved when she was sold to my family.  She took to me very fast as her new "mom" and I to her.   A lot of cuddling and sleeping in the beginning now new adventures every day.  A very curious pig and very
well behaved, she gets along with all the other animals in the house, even our English Mastiff.  Kathy made sure we were ready to own a pig and responsible for our pig.  She even checks up on her occasionally to make sure we are all doing great.  I would recommend the company to anyone who is serious about having a beautiful loving pet pig."



~ This is Charlotte. She flew all the way to Alaska to meet her new family!

  " We are so happy with her. She is so inquisitive..... Charlotte is in love with our  daughter..."


"We are in love with her. Thanks so much for sending her....She is getting more and more freckles. She fits so well in our family and now she loves to sit on the couch with us and cuddle."


~ This is Todd. He also moved down South to live with his family.

  Dear Kathy,
I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Todd and me. I've had Todd about 7 months now and everything has officially fallen into place. We had a few hiccups in the beginning with training, but with your help we now have a potty trained and surprisingly quiet little porker. Straight off the bat, Todd came into our lives with a snuggly yet sassy personality and quickly won over everyone he met, including our three dogs! When he was younger he threw quite a few temper tantrums, but with your help we were able to train to be the polite piggy he is today. Todd is so good, that he goes on car rides with the dogs and us, and we can even take him hiking! I am amazed at how clever he is and how he takes ques from our dogs on how to react to things, like getting in the car and swimming in the lake! We love him so much that we don't mind that he hogs the bed at night! I look forward to many years with this lil guy and I thank you for all your help. Maybe one day we will even get him a little sister! Thanks again.
Samantha and Alexander Chu 


~ This is Cuper, formerly River, and his new mommy!

"He's a gem. I can't believe how lucky I am to have him!"


~This is Porsha. She is from Ella's 12/06 litter.

  "She is most awesome, playing, sleeping almost all night with us, gets a bath as long as we have food in one hand, wakes me up to go potty puts her paws on my face and nudges me, plays with the kids, does a little shake booty dance when she wants to play, she loves people."

     -Manuel & Deborah


~ This is from Aura, Ella's new mommy!

   Ella at home in Northern Cali. She is the BEST model for pictures! She loves our daily walks. Introduced her to the dogs yesterday and they looked at me like, "WHAT'S THAT?" HAHAHA I figured the best way to get them acquainted was on a walk, so off we went. Happy pig, happy dogs, and everyone got along. She is the sweetest girl, ever. So polite and well-mannered. Thank you for raising her so well, Kathy. I know that everyone who acquires one of her babies will absolutely love their sweet dispositions. I truly love this sweet angel! ♥